House OKs CCTV in kindergartens, old age homes

To prevent abuse behind closed doors

House OKs CCTV in kindergartens, old age homes

Rome, October 18 - The House on Wednesday approved a bill allowing for CCTV cameras to be installed in kindergartens and retirement homes both public and private in a bid to protect society's most defenceless individuals from abuse behind closed doors. The motion passed with 279 in favor, 22 against and 69 abstaining. The small splinter Italian Left (SI) party voted against. The populist euroskeptic 5-Star Movement (M5S) abstained. The bill now goes to the Senate. Recent media reports have spotlit a series of abuse cases in both kindergartens and retirement homes across Italy, including a nursery school in Bari where the teachers kicked, slapped, punched, and dragged the children across the floor. A study out in June showed four million elderly, or one in three, are subjected to verbal, psychological, physical, sexual and/or economic abuse in Italy and that 68.7% of retirement home residents are physically abused. Of the total, 2.9 million people aged over 65 suffer psychological abuse, 600,000 are defrauded financially, 400,000 are physically abused, and 100,000 are sexually abused.

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