Interior min expresses 'anger' at EU monitoring on migrants

Italy 'beyond reproach' since mid-2015, Prefect Morcone says

Interior min expresses 'anger' at EU monitoring on migrants

Rome, October 19 - Prefect Mario Morcone, head of the interior ministry's civil liberties and immigration department, on Wednesday expressed Italy's "anger" at the constant monitoring by Europe on migration while other member states are "not doing their bit". "We are angry because were are subject to constant and obsessive monitoring we are under the magnifying glass but we are doing our bit, the other countries are not doing theirs," Morcone told the Italian parliament's Schengen Committee. The prefect denounced a "persistent prejudice" by northern and central European countries towards Italy. "They are prepared to provide resources in exchange for closed (migrant reception) centres. But I want to be clear: we will not create closed centres, we will not create concentration camps in our country," Morcone said. Italy has been "beyond reproach" since mid-2015, when it completed introduction of new EU-mandated measures to handle the arrival of migrants in Europe, the prefect insisted. "The same cannot be said of those countries that have not complied with the (European Commission President Jean-Claude) Junker plan," Morcone continued in reference to an EU scheme to relocate asylum seekers from frontline countries such as Italy and Greece to other member states according to an agreed quota system. "We have managed to relocate 1,318 people, and certainly through no fault of our own," he said.

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