Man beats wife, slices son with cleaver

Charged with attempted murder, bodily harm

Man beats wife, slices son with cleaver

Milan, October 18 - Police on Tuesday arrested a man for the attempted murder of his son and aggravated bodily harm against his wife. The 40-year-old Chinese cook battered his 39-year-old wife and tried to strangle her, then sliced through their older son's shoulder muscle with a meat cleaver when 17-year-old intervened to defend his mother. A younger son aged 13 raised the alarm in the small hours of Tuesday morning. Carabinieri police found the mother with her face beaten to a pulp and in a state of shock, while the teen had almost bled to death. The father had cleaned the blood off the cleaver and hidden it in a closet, and was leaving the family home in an apparently undisturbed state. Both victims were hospitalized. The woman is under observation for head trauma. The boy underwent emergency surgery and has a reserved prognosis of 40 days.

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