Lele Mora plea-bargains jail term in Berlusconi loan case

After bankruptcy of impresario's company

Lele Mora plea-bargains jail term in Berlusconi loan case

Milan, October 18 - Former TV and cinema impresario Lele Mora on Tuesday plea-bargained a prison sentence of one year and six months in connection with a case regarding the bankruptcy of one of his companies and a 2.8 million loan given to the manager by ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi. According to prosecutors, Berlusconi in 2010 lent the money to Mora through an assistant, manager Giorgio Spinelli, but Mora did not use it to salvage his ailing company, Lm Management. State attorneys also allege that part of Berlusconi's money went to former Berlusconi anchorman Emilio Fede. In 2014, Mora was given a six-year prison sentence for pimping on behalf of the three-time premier and media mogul, together with Fede and a dental assistant-turned-politician, Nicole Minetti, and for the bankruptcy of his Lm Management. After the plea-bargain deal requested by Mora's attorneys and prosecutor Eugenio Fusco and ratified by judge Donatella Banci Buonamici, Mora will serve the two prison sentences with community service.

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