Voluntary disclosure mustn't be 'Corona rule' -F. Boccia (2)

Evaders must not be allowed to 'pay to launder money'

Voluntary disclosure mustn't be 'Corona rule' -F. Boccia (2)

Rome, October 18 - Francesco Boccia, the head of the Lower House budget committee, on Tuesday said he hoped that former Democratic Party (PD) leader Pier Lugi Bersani was wrong in his assertion that a mooted government plan for voluntary disclosure of unpaid taxes was so bad that it seemed to have come from jailed paparazzi king Fabrizio Corona. "Let's wait for the definitive texts," Boccia told RadioNorba. "I'd be amazed if what has been nicknamed the 'Corona' rule comes to fruition. If evaders were able to pay a price to launder their money, what should we tell our young people?. "That you can always get away with whatever you do? Hiding money, lots of money, off the books was, and still is, a crime, if you don't pay the taxes".

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