Better-living handbook for pets and their owners released

Animal rights group and City of Rome compile good-ethics guide

Better-living handbook for pets and their owners released

Rome, November 8 - A better-living guide for Italy's many pet owners was presented on Thursday by the Italian animal rights group LAV aimed to assist a more peaceful and happier co-habitation for pets, their companions and neighbors. The handbook called 'Dogs and Cats - Instructions for a Better Life' was produced together with the City of Rome and designed to answer the many questions about the rules of proper social interaction and ethological needs of companion animals. "The guidelines provide practical tools for a peaceful relationship with our animals and tips for the prevention of crimes such as abandonment, puppy and kitten trafficking and abuse," said LAV's Ilaria Innocenti. The manual also explains the correct procedure in the case of missing pets, good behaviour in a condominium and which authority to contact in case of abuse. "Four out of 10, or 41.7% of Italians have at least one pet in the house, showing that animals for many are considered extended family," LAV President Gianluca Felicetti said. "The guide is for those who have chosen to live with a companion animal, but also for mayors, councillors, local police, veterinary services and volunteer associations," Felicetti said.

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