Regional governor acquitted of misuse of public funds

Court says Errani not to be tried for alleged favors

Regional governor acquitted of misuse of public funds

Bologna, November 8 - Public prosecutors in Bologna on Thursday acquitted Emilia-Romagna Governor Vasco Errani in a fast-track procedure on charges that he favored his brother in a business deal that made use of public funds. Prosecutors alleged that in 2005 Errani helped his brother, Giovanni, obtain one million euros in regional funds used to pay for the building of a new winery in the Terremerse cooperative, in the town of Imola. The investigation into the loan began in 2009, after Italian daily newspaper Il Giornale suggested there may have been irregularities in the issuing of the funds. The prosecutors' actions unleashed comments from across Italy's political spectrum, including calls for his resignation. Errani's lawyer, Alessandro Gamberini, accused local prosecutors of making a "serious mistake". Following Thursday's acquittal Gamberini said that if Errani would have been found guilty, it would have "inevitably led to his resignation". "Governor Errani is an honest man," said Gamberini. Photo: Emilia-Romagna Governor Vasco Errani.

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