Vatican paper asks if U.S. can retake world leadership role

Obama re-election comes as country faces deep challenges at home

Vatican paper asks if U.S. can retake world leadership role

(ANSA) – Vatican City, November 7 – President Barack Obama's re-election is a sign that Americans seek continuity, but "the palpable enthusiasm of Obama's first election is merely a memory," the Osservatore Romano, the Holy See's official newspaper, wrote in an editorial in its Wednesday edition. The paper acknowledged that Obama faced daunting tasks after his 2008 electoral victory, "taking the reins of a country which, with terror, was facing an economic crisis without precedent since 1929". "Now the system is more solid, and this is certainly the result of the current administration’s actions. But the labor market still needs to be jump-started and, in the international sphere, the withdrawal from Afghanistan needs to be completed and the so-called Arab Spring needs to be managed and not merely endured". The paper also pointed out that the United States must still combat terrorism, deal with the crisis in Syria and Iran as well as find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli issue. In concluding its editorial, the paper asks: "Will a country whose greatest energies are being focused on solving internal domestic problems reaffirm its historic world leadership role – a role which over the past few years has been increasingly eroded?"

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