Italy should see U.S. as model of identity, president says

Napolitano says countrymen should take pride in being Italian

Italy should see U.S. as model of identity, president says

Rome, November 7 - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on Wednesday said that Italians should learn from Americans the importance of feeling a strong national identity and being proud of their country. Commenting the re-election of US President Barack Obama for a second term, Napolitano said in a TV interview, "It's something which in Italy doesn't ring familiar. It's not just a question of fair play. In the United States the sense of identity and national pride is very strong". Napolitano also pointed out how the general interests of the country prevail over disagreements. "The sooner we achieve this attitude in Italy, the better it will be for the country", he said. The Italian president further pointed said that for Italy "the fact that Obama expressed confidence in Europe and in Italy is important. On this basis we can continue with a strong collaboration". Speaking during an edition of state-owned broadcaster RAI's news programs, Napolitano added how the majority of Americans "has shown appreciation for Obama's efforts in a very difficult period for the US and the world and has given him credit to carry on with his program".

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