Finance officer arrested in bombing investigation

Policeman suspected of planting explosive 'to intimidate' judge

Finance officer arrested in bombing investigation

Mantua, November 6 - Police arrested an officer with the finance police on Tuesday suspected of having planted a bomb outside a judge's home on the outskirts of the northern town of Mantua last summer. The bomb exploded during the night of July 4 in front of the villa of Judge Giulio Tamburini, 54, while he, his wife and children were sleeping. The explosion damaged the outside of their home and broke windows, but caused no injuries. Investigators believe that officer Davide Baraldi, 27, planted the device to intimidate Tamburini, who had not "sufficiently overseen" a robbery hearing for Baralidi's parents in 2011. Police arrested Baraldi after they found a bullet-proof jacket, night goggles and unexploded moltov cocktail during a search of his home. Baraldi is being held in a Venice jail as investigations continue.

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