Police arrest 15-year-old in Naples neighborhood raid

'Homeless' man found with 50,000 euros sewn in jacket

Police arrest 15-year-old in Naples neighborhood raid

Naples, November 1 - Italian police in the southern Italian town of Naples conducting a major sweep in the crime-ridden, Camorra controlled neighborhood of Miano, arrested a 15-year-old boy and discovered a sophisticated alarm system used to forewarn inhabitants of approaching danger. Police said that they confiscated 50,000 euros from a 48-year-old "homeless" man who had sewn the bills into his jacket, and arrested a 15-year-old who was caught throwing 48 bags of marijuana and blocks of hashish from his balcony during the raid. In all, officers searched 32 homes and properties during the blitz and found that the area, including a nearby public garden where pushers allegedly peddle drugs, was rigged with an automated alarm system similar to those used in schools.

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