More than 50 elephants killed in Kenya in 2012

Poachers using more sophisticated methods, rangers say

More than 50 elephants killed in Kenya in 2012

Nairobi, October 25 - More than 50 elephants have been killed in the Tsavo nature reserve in Kenya since the beginning of the year, a report by the Kenya Wildlife Service said on Thursday. Park rangers told the Kenyan daily paper the Star that poachers are becoming ever more sophisticated in their methods, using poisoned arrows instead of pistols, making it harder for staff to prevent the killings. Tsavo Reserve Director Michael Wanjau also said that the lack of rangers to impede the poachers and protect the elephants means easier access to the pachiderms. "Presently we only have 400 rangers in Tsavo that have to patrol a 22,000 square kilometer territory 22," Wanjau said.

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