Early polls show Obama chalks up victory after Monday debate

Two weeks left before U.S. presidential election

Early polls show Obama chalks up victory after Monday debate

Washington, October 23 - United States President Barack Obama came out slightly ahead against Republican candidate Mitt Romney in their televised election debate late on Monday, analysts and polls immediately following the final face-off said. According to an NBC-Wall Street Journal opinion poll, the pair was tied before taking the stage at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, with each enjoying the support of 47% of the people likely to vote on November 6. Following the debate analysts said that though the Democratic president did not score any knock-out blows, he appeared more self-assured than previously from the start of Monday night's forum. Obama steered the debate towards Romney's alleged lack of foreign policy experience and responded that the US "also has fewer horses and bayonets," when Romney complained that America had fewer ships in the US navy than in 1916. The president said that the Navy now has "these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them" and "ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines," adding that naval operations were not a game of 'Battleship,' but a question of capabilities. The Republican candidate repeatedly returned to his criticism of the nation's sluggish economy and Obama's policies that he says have stifled growth. So far throughout the campaign, Romney has gained footing by promoting his own business background while arguing that continued high unemployment and slow growth reflected poorly on the president's term. Most polls and pundits agree that overall Obama won on points at Monday's debate but say that it is still hard to say who will come out on top on election day in two weeks.

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