Prandelli condemns soccer fans' vicious songs

Embarrassed for fans' stupidity in mocking dead player

Prandelli condemns soccer fans' vicious songs

Rome, October 22 - Cesare Prandelli said Monday that he feels "indignation and embarrassment" for soccer fans who mocked a rival player lost last year to a heart attack. But the coach of Italy's national soccer team said that all soccer fans can't be blamed for the foolish behaviour of a few. Prandelli was commenting on an incident Saturday when some fans of Verona sang offensive songs during a match against Livorno. The songs mocked Piermario Morosini, who died suddenly of a heart condition while playing in Pescara against Livorno in April. "I feel indignation and embarrassment - but 20 stupid people cannot ruin a moment so beautiful as a football match," Prandelli said Monday while receiving the Tor Vergata Ethics in Sport award in Rome. He added that during his coaching career, he was also on the receiving end of cruel heckling.

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