Top Italian appeals court links cell-phone use to cancer

Employee suffered 'very serious' ear problems

Top Italian appeals court links cell-phone use to cancer

(ANSA) - Rome, October 18 - Heavy use of mobile phones - several hours daily over several years - could play a role in the beginnings of some cancers in the head, Italy's top appeals court said Thursday. The Cassation Court ruled against the Italian Workers' Compensation Authority (Inail) which was arguing against providing benefits for employees claiming injury by cellphone. The court stressed it was not warning against using mobile phones. But it said it recognized that reliable studies have confirmed the risks, striking down Inail's arguments. The case came from the Court of Appeals in Brescia, where a business manager said that his use of mobile phones for up to six hours daily over 12 years contributed to a serious problem with his left ear. Despite surgery and therapy, the man said he had suffered "very severe outcomes" and claimed occupational health benefits.

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