Turin man suing drug company over gambling addiction

'Medication caused him to bet away life savings'

Turin man suing drug company over gambling addiction

(ANSA) - Turin, October 18 - A 70-year-old Italian man who suffers from Parkinson's disease is suing an international pharmaceutical company, saying its medication made him a compulsive gambler. The retired man says his gaming addiction cost him his life savings of 300,000 euros. The case is also being investigated by prosecutor Raffaele Guariniello for possible negligence causing injury, and whether package warnings are adequate. The man claims his problems began in 1999 when he started to use a medication with an active ingredient called pramipexole. About a year later, he says his behaviour become strange, driving him to leave his house and begin to gamble, squandering his savings at slot machines, video poker and bingo. Strange side effects from pramipexole and related dopamine medications are said to include compulsive gambling, hyper-sexuality, and overeating.

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