Mafia pet rejects become special guests at new Tuscan zoo

Confiscated exotic animals get a second chance at WWF center

Mafia pet rejects become special guests at new Tuscan zoo

(ANSA) - Grosseto, October 18 - A wildlife reserve in southern Tuscany hosting exotic animals that once belonged to mafia owners will soon be opening its gates to the public. Tigers once pampered as cubs but dumped as adults, unruly monkeys, lions and more are guests at the Center for Rescued Wild and Exotic Animals run by the international environmental organisation WWF. The center includes a 24-hour clinic and provides support for the State Forestry Corps' rescue operations of traded or illegally held animals. Animals recovered include herons, storks, hundreds of rare parrots, turtles and porcupines. There are also poaching victims such as peregrine falcons, eagles, foxes, wolves and other wild species found injured or abandoned. Guided tours at the new park will focus on education and respect for nature. All animals will be observed in a natural setting from behind a glass wall.

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