Two police officers sentenced for Milan beating, perjury

Cops 'smashed in' face of eldery man, said it was his fault

Two police officers sentenced for Milan beating, perjury

(ANSA) – Milan, October 12 – A Milan preliminary-hearings judge on Friday handed down jail sentences to two police officers accused of causing serious injury, perjury and libel when they "smashed in" the face of a 63-year-old man in May and lied about the facts. The accused - Federico Spallino and Davide Sunseri - were respectively sentenced to 3 years 10 months and to 3 years 8 months for the beating, dating to the night of May 20-21 in Viale Gorizia in the Darsena area of Milan. The prosecution had asked for the policemen to be sentenced to 4 years in jail. The court found them guilty of lying in their report that said the victim, Luigi Vittorino Morneghini, was "a little harassing" and "drunk" when footage from a security camera proved otherwise. The judge wrote in her arrest order that "the videocamera does not lie" and shows "inexplicable, inhuman violence". The judge wrote that the defendants reacted with a mix of violence, "arrogance and cockiness" that makes them a "public danger". After assaulting Morneghini, the judge wrote, the two officers - who were off-duty at the time - filed a complaint against the elderly man, claiming the victim had attacked them first and then fell on his face. A doctor's report described Morneghini's face as "smashed" with 40 fractures.

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