Boyfriend denies Ruby a prostitute

Claims saw 'Mubarak' on passport

Boyfriend denies Ruby a prostitute

(ANSA) - Milan, October 12 - Karima 'Ruby' El Mahroug, the young Moroccan belly dancer at the centre of a sex scandal involving ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, has never engaged in prostitution, her current boyfriend told a Milan court on Friday. Luca Risso, a nightclub owner from Genoa, was testifying in a trial against three people for allegedly supplying Berlusconi with prostitutes for alleged sex parties at his villa at Arcore near Milan. Ruby ''was not a prostitute, she has never engaged in prostitution activities,'' he told the court. ''She is a girl who, when I met her, told a lot of lies, big lies. ''She never invented that she was a prostitute, she invented false boyfriends such as (soccer players) Cristiano Ronaldo and (Marco) Borriello and false adoptions,'' he added. Risso also told the court that Ruby had taken money from Berlusconi, although he didn't know how much. He added that she said she hadn't enjoyed the evenings, telling him there had also been stripteases. Risso also claimed he had seen the name Mubarak on El Mahroug's passport. This is a key issue in a separate trial where Berlusconi is accused of having sex with Ruby, an alleged underage prostitute, and allegedly using his influence to cover it up while claiming she was the niece of former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. The Italian parliament last year backed up Berlusconi's claim that he was performing his official duties, and not abusing his office, because he was trying to avoid a diplomatic incident with Egypt. Paying for sex with a minor carries a jail term of three years and abuse of office 12 years. In the trial being heard Friday bankrupt ex-talent scout Lele Mora, Lombardy regional councillor and Berlusconi's former dental hygienist Nicole Minetti and retired television anchor Emilio Fede are charged with inducing and favouring prostitution, including underage prostitution, in connection with the supposed sex parties. Prosecutors say Berlusconi had sex with 33 prostitutes at his villa over the course of several months.

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