Minister urges calm over custody-battle boy video flap

'Respond to emotion with calm' says Cancellieri

Minister urges calm over custody-battle boy video flap

(ANSA) - Rome, October 12 - Interior Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri on Friday appealed for calm over the case of a 10-year-old boy who was filmed being unceremoniously hauled out of school by police in a custody dispute. Cancellieri said the video, which has gone viral, was "dramatic" but urged people to "respond to emotion with reason". Italy's police chief apologised for the incident Thursday while parliamentary speakers called for an inquiry. The video of police hauling the boy away kicking and screaming has caused outrage across the country. The incident took place in the northern Italian town of Cittadella, outside Padua. A court in Venice had ordered that the boy be turned over to his father. Child-protection officers said they had repeatedly attempted to pick up the boy at his mother's home but she and her family would not hand him over. The boy, Leonardo, was described as "intelligent, lively and likeable," in a court document published by a northern Italian daily Friday.

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