Gondoliers warn Venice has more holes than Swiss cheese

Lagoon city 'falling apart'

Gondoliers warn Venice has more holes than Swiss cheese

(ANSA) - Venice, October 10 - A lack of proper maintenance means the famous city of Venice is crumbling so badly that it resembles a slice of Swiss cheese, gondoliers said Wednesday. And city council is urging more funds be invested in shoring up the foundations of structures that are being eroded by time and water pollution. The alarms follow the collapse of part of a bank in the area of Piazzale Roma, near the modern Calatrava Bridge, which geologists say is damaging the foundation under its weight. "Just turn around a boat in the canals and you'll realize at once that the old town is like Swiss cheese," said Aldo Reato, head of the gondoliers association. Alessandro Maggioni, Venice's councillor for public works, has called on the Italian government to invest 60 million euros in routine maintenance.

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