Lost tourist's sketches help police locate her husband

Elderly Dutch woman suffered from Alzheimer's

Lost tourist's sketches help police locate her husband

(ANSA) - Florence, October 9 - A lost, elderly tourist afflicted by Alzheimer's helped police locate her husband by sketching monuments that retraced the couple's path through Florence on Monday. The tourist, a 70 year-old Dutch woman who suffered memory problems, had arrived in Florence with a tour group to visit the city. When she realized she had lost track of both her group and her husband, the woman appealed to police for help. Unable to speak Italian, she retraced her path for them by sketching the monuments she had visited. The woman was an art lover, and thanks to accuracy of her drawings, the police were able to return to the places she had gone, and located her husband in a jewelry shop near the Duomo. When the couple failed to show up at the tour bus, which was due to head back to the group's lodging near Siena, the tour guide alerted the police, who were then able to coordinate the couple's reunion with the group by train.

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