Food inspectors find fodder used in traditional crackers

Southern Italian 'taralli' made with parasite-ridden horse feed

Food inspectors find fodder used in traditional crackers

(ANSA) - Bari, October 8 - Italian food inspectors last month seized 2,700 packages of traditional southern Italian crackers made with parasite-ridden horse-fodder, the inspection authority said Monday. The discovery was made during a routine inspection on September 19 of a company in Corato, a town on Italy's heel. The company specializes in the region's "O" shaped cracker called "taralli", usually made from flour, olive oil, wine and salt. Inspectors found the company made its taralli with a grade of bran approved for animal feed - some of which was infested with parasites. The owner of the company, from Corato, faces charges related to commercializing a fake product, selling toxic food, and using inadequately conserved or sub-quality ingredients.

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