Rome mayor warns against Berlusconi party list in Rome

PdL ticket 'inopportune', says Alemanno

Rome mayor warns against Berlusconi party list in Rome

(ANSA) – Rome, October 5 – Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno on Friday warned against presenting a list for the centre-right People of Freedom (PdL) party of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi in Rome in forthcoming political and administrative elections. "It would be inopportune to run with a PdL list, at least in Rome," said the former neofascist, himself a representative of PdL. "There are negative signals in Lazio in particular and so it is necessary to run with a situation that has been renewed," continued Alemanno in reference to the state of disarray within his party largely as a result of a recent scandal involving Franco Fiorito, the former PdL caucus leader in the Lazio regional council, who is under investigation for suspected embezzlement of party funds. The mayor said the main hypothesis "remains refounding the PdL as a new political party". He added that a further option would be to divide the party up geographically and floated the idea of a "civic list for the centre-south". Italians are due to go to the polls to elect a new parliament in spring next year, when Romans will also be called to elect a new city council. Residents of Lazio also have to go to the polls to elect a new regional council following the dissolution of the old assembly as a result of the scandal that led to the resignation of the PdL's Renata Polverini as Lazio governor last week. However no time-frame has been set for this vote.

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