Milan baggage attendant nabbed in cocaine bust

Airport employee, girlfriend sneaked drugs through luggage check

Milan baggage attendant nabbed in cocaine bust

(ANSA) - Varese, October 5 - A baggage attendant at Milan's Malpensa international airport was among four people arrested in a drug-trafficking bust, police said Friday. The airport employee, 44, and his girlfriend allegedly made sure bags loaded with cocaine left the airport without undergoing any checks. Police started their investigation in September 2011 when they found a bag stuffed with 45 kilos of cocaine but were unable to trace it to the owner. The other two suspects were Daniele Salatino and Vincenzo Bruzzese, whom police say ran drugs into Italy from Central America. Police said they caught the four suspects in the act of transporting 20 kilos of cocaine on Thursday. Police also seized another 47 kilos and sequestered a villa outside Varese.

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