Vatican City

Bar owner ends protest on St. Peter's dome

Di Finizio climbs down after over 24 hours at top of church

Bar owner ends protest on St. Peter's dome

(ANSA) - Vatican City, October 4 - A Trieste bar owner ended a protest of over 24 hours on the dome of St Peter's Basilica late on Wednesday. Marcello Di Finizio climbed to the peak of one of the holiest Catholic churches on Tuesday to protest against Premier Mario Monti's government. The 46-year-old was also angry about a European directive that means permits to run seaside establishments like his must be put up for auction. He risked his life by climbing down to a ledge over a window on the dome to hang a banner that read: "Help!!! No more Monti, no more Europe, no more multinationals. You are killing us all. Development??? This is just social butchery". Monti's emergency administration of non-political technocrats has passed tough austerity measures and structural economic reforms since stepping in after the eurozone crisis forced Silvio Berlusconi to resign as premier last year. Di Finizio also climbed the dome to stage a protest in July. Pope Benedict XVI gave his weekly General Audience in St Peter's Square on Wednesday while the protest was taking place.

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