Rockstar Vasco Rossi leaves clinic against doctors' wishes

Will continue treatment at home for illness relapse

Rockstar Vasco Rossi leaves clinic against doctors' wishes

(ANSA) - Bologna, October 3 - Italian rockstar Vasco Rossi, 60, left the private Villalba clinic in Bologna against doctors' wishes on Wednesday. Rossi suffered a relapse from serious infections that had landed him in the same clinic for more than a month during the summer of 2011. Rossi was originally hospitalized for a bone-marrow infection and heart inflammation - osteomyelitis and endocarditis, respectively. Rossi was hospitalized on September 8 for "some routine checks", his publicist Tania Sachs wrote in a statement at the time. His condition was serious enough that Villable Health Director Paolo Guelfi issued a statement saying it was necessary to "reactivate not-so-brief therapy" requiring the "collaboration of various specialists" and an extended in-patient stay. Rossi was taken away Wednesday in the same Bentley that had brought him there last month, after a performance at a discotheque in a southern Italian, holiday town on the coast near Taranto. The rocker will continue the medical treatment at home. Vasco Rossi, dubbed "Komandante" or "Commander" by fans, has sold more than 30 million albums over his 30-year career.

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