Seven out of 10 want bad fiscal behaviour to be punished

Majority of Italians believe tax evaders should be jailed

Seven out of 10 want bad fiscal behaviour to be punished

(ANSA) - Rome, October 3 - Italians are fed up with tax evaders, and seven out of 10 interviewed say that dodgers should go to jail if all other punitive measures fail according to a survey conducted by economic and social think tank Eures. Interviewers asked 1,225 Italians about their experience with the "fiscal behaviour" of 52 professional categories from crafts, commerce, the public sector, hotels and restaurants. "There is widespread complaint about tax evasion and simultaneously a strong demand to strengthen law enforcement efforts punishing those guilty of dodging fiscal obligations," the report said. Of those interviewed 80.3%, believe that shopkeepers and professionals who do not issue fiscal receipts should have their license to practice suspended. Over half of those interviewed (55%) expressed a negative opinion of the operating methods of Italian tax-collection agency Equitalia, while 21% said they did good work. Italy is in first place in the world when it comes to the size of its underground economy in relation to its GDP, with the amount of tax evaded totalling 154 billion euros or the equivalent of 17.5%, said retailers association Confcommercio in a report earlier this year.

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