Authorities say no applications to resume Windjet's flights

Flights scheduled to resume December 5

Authorities say no applications to resume Windjet's flights

(ANSA) - Rome, October 1 - Despite reports that collapsed air carrier Windjet is being given a new life, Italy's civil aviation agency says it has received no requests by anyone wanting to resume the company's business. Italy's National Civil Aviation Authority said Monday that it has not received any request for a new licence that would permit Windjet or a Newco to take flight. And if such a request was received, the agency says it would be bound by European regulations to carefully confirm the new company's "financial, technical and operational sustainability". However, Windjet owner Nino Santos told newspaper La Sicilia that he has a provisional licence to resurrect the low-cost carrier under a new name, Aero Sicilian, while retaining the W brand on its planes. Flights are scheduled to resume December 5. Windjet declared bankruptcy last summer, stranding thousands of passengers and leaving many more holding worthless tickets. Meanwhile, a Sicilian politician warned that although a new carrier might save Windjet jobs, it should not expect financial support from government. "The Windjet story must be resolved, but not by asking Sicilians to put their hands in their pockets," warned Simona Vicari, provincial coordinator of the PDL in Palermo. Angry Windjet workers have been fighting for their jobs since the carrier collapsed under the weight of debt reaching about 140 million euros.

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