Crisis: Cyprus, revenue from tourism increases in July

(ANSAmed) - NICOSIA, OCTOBER 1 - In the Republic of Cyprus the revenue from tourism in July 2012 presented an annual increase of 9,9%, reaching 301,5 million euros, compared to 274 million in July 2011, according to figures from the Statistical Service. Comparing with 2009, as Cna reports, revenue from tourism this July presented a remarkable increase, reaching 29,7%, while in 2010 it was 30,5%. Tourists from Switzerland rank first in per person and per day expenditure of with arrivals reaching 8.910 and 115,6 euro, second comes Austria with 3.050 arrivals with 104,7 euro and third Belgium with 4.372 arrivals and 103,5 euro per day expenditure. Fourth is Ireland with 1.394 arrivals and 102,3 euro per day expenditure and fifth is Russia with 79.278 arrivals and a per person and per day expenditure of 101,1 euro. Tourist arrivals in August 2012 have reached 363.573, presenting an increase of 7,9% compared to the same month last year. According to the Statistical Service figures, the main influx of tourists remains the UK with 146.136 arrivals in August 2012, while second is Russia with 79.291. Third is Sweden with 18.545 arrivals and fourth is Germany with 13.616. (ANSAmed).

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