Palazzo San Gervasio (Potenza)

Immigration councillor arrested for torture of Romanian man

Aggressor sought to extract robbery confession

Immigration councillor arrested for torture of Romanian man

(ANSA) - Palazzo San Gervasio (Potenza), September 28 - Police arrested an immigration councillor and another man on Friday near the southern city of Potenza for allegedly kidnapping and torturing a Romanian man they suspected of robbing a farm belonging to the councilman. Immigration Councillor for the town of Palazzo San Gervasio Antonio Paradiso, together with an accomplice, reportedly forced the man they believed responsible for a farm burglary into a car where they began beating him. Later they took the man to a warehouse, where allegedly they beat him with an iron pipe and hung him up with chains around his throat with his feet barely touching the ground for over an hour. Police say the incident occured last August. The two face aggravated charges of kidnapping, extortion, violence, personal injury and threats.

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