Costa Concordia crew wins award for bravery

Passengers reported courageous acts during sinking

Costa Concordia crew wins award for bravery

(ANSA) - Genova, September 27 - The crew of the ill-fated Costa Concordia has been recognized for bravery in dealing with the sinking of their cruise ship in January. The Lloyd's List "Seafarer of the Year" award was announced by the Costa Cruises corporation, which noted that the Concordia crew was cited for courage and professionalism when the ship sank off the Italian coast on January 13, 2012. Thirty-two people were killed when the Concordia capsized after hitting a rock while sailing close to island of Giglio off the Tuscan coast to 'salute' local residents. The award said that in the media attention that followed, focus was on the actions of the ship's commander, now facing trial. Francesco Schettino has been blamed for the disaster and faces charges of multiple manslaughter, negligence and abandoning his ship before the evacuation was complete. Some passengers later reported acts of bravery by crew members during the evacuation, but others said the crew seemed unprepared for an accident and many couldn't speak Italian. Experts appointed by Italian judges to help investigate the disaster also criticized a lack of preparation among crew members for such an incident.

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