Taranto judge kills ILVA management's remediation proposal

'Health, environment do not permit bargaining'

Taranto judge kills ILVA management's remediation proposal

(see related) (ANSA) - Taranto, September 26 - Taranto Judge Patrizia Todisco tossed out ILVA steelworks' proposal for the immediate remediation of its plant on Wednesday, after assessing it as inadequate to address the environmental disaster at stake. She also specifically ruled against ILVA's request to keep production minimally operative while clean-up measures at Italy's largest steel plant take place. "There is no room for ILVA to make lesser proposals regarding measures to be taken and sums" to be spent, read Todisco's decision, filed at the courthouse on Wednesday. "The goods in question - health, life and environment, and even the right to dignified work without compromising the health of a human being - do not permit bargaining". Taranto prosecutor Franco Sebastio expressed satisfaction. "We have formulated an opinion that at least at the moment has been accepted," Sebastio said Wednesday. The plan submitted by ILVA Chairman Bruno Ferrante on September 18 also displeased labor unions who called the plan "inadequate" from the day it was submitted. The plan did not pass muster for engineering experts entrusted with the technical evaluation either. On September 20 legal consultants Barbara Valenzano, Emanuela Laterza and Laudio Lofrumento gave it the thumbs down. The prosecutor rejected it the following day. ILVA proposed an investment of 400 million euros in remediation efforts, 146 million of which were already underway or already programmed. The additional 254 million euros worth of measures were deemed too paltry compared to the long list of deep interventions needed according to the technical assessment. The smelting areas and mineral park of the plant have been under a shutdown order since July 26.

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