Land-artist near Verona creates a work for Obama

Dario Gambarin draws on US President for inspiration

Land-artist near Verona creates a work for Obama

(ANSA) - Verona, September 25 - Italian land-artist Dario Gambarin has produced a one-of-a-kind artwork dedicated to US President Barack Obama in his family field near the northern city of Verona. Gambarin, who produced a colossal portrait of the US president in 2009, has drawn on the Democratic candidate once again as a source of artistic inspiration. Using a tractor, the artist says he makes the images, which are viewable only by flying over, without taking any measurements beforehand. He deletes the work after a few days. His most recent design that spans the size of a football field is not a portrait this time, but a combination of graphics and symbols that spells out in letters and numbers "for Obama" and encircles the word for love in Italian with the letter O and prefaces it with a B. The mown-field design also includes a crescent moon symbolizing the Islamic world and writes "for the earth". A mixture of Italian and English was used to convey a message in favor of the US president and Nobel Peace Prize winner's work for peace and dialogue.

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