Italy coast guards seize amphoras from diving company

4th-century AD finds from sunken ship off Sardinia

Italy coast guards seize amphoras from diving company

(ANSA) – Cagliari, September 21 – Italian coast guards seized Roman amphoras dating back to the IV century AD that rightly belong to the state from a motorboat belonging to a diving company stopped in a routine check in waters off the coast of the island of Sardinia. The vessel was stopped as part of routine controls carried out by Porto Torres coast guards when the officials found seven prized ancient jars steeped away under berth. An amphora is an ancient jar with two handles and a narrow neck. They were more commonly used to hold water, oil or wine. The amphoras are likely to have been retrieved from the relic of a ship that sunk between the fourth and the fifth century near Sardinia, according to experts from the Sovrintendenza dei beni Archeologici, the state Archeological department. The age-old shipwreck is located in the Cala Reale area of the Asinara island off the coast of Sardinia, according to the specialists. The underwater vessel has often been the focus of studies carried out by underwater archaeologists. Subsequent archaeological relics that by rights belong to the state were discovered in a subsequent search carried out at the headquarters of the diving company. The company in question was not identified by name. The coast guards have reported the motor boat owner as well as the person that was navigating it at the time it was stopped to the judiciary authorities and have taken custody of the amphoras.

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