Italy court seizes property related to 2011 jewellery heist

Luxury cars, apartments, companies and garages impounded

Italy court seizes property related to 2011 jewellery heist

(ANSA) – Milan, September 21 – Italian finance police on Friday seized some 10 million euros of luxury cars, apartments, companies and garages owned by the organizers of a 2011 jewellery heist in the Northern Italian city of Milan. The property and the goods, inclusive of a bakery, were owned by five of 13 people held responsible by law enforcement officers for the Scavia jewellery robbery that took place on February 5 2011. A preliminary investigations judge in the Milan courthouse, Fabrizio D'Arcangelo, issued the confiscation order for property belonging to brothers Cesare and Giuseppe Rebuscini, 59 and 48 years old respectively, Pietro Giangregorio, 53, Franco Fisher, 56, and Angelo Palmisano, 48. All five are already serving prison sentences for their role in executing the robbery at the exclusive jewellery located in Milan’s central via della Spiga boutique. Police used phone tapping technology to determine that the property and goods seized were actually owned by them, despite being in the name of fiduciaries. All five men had very low tax filings. The court-issued confiscation order includes numerous real estate holding companies listed with tens of apartments located in the province of Milan, a cleaning company, a jewellery, a restaurant, a wine bar, and a construction company as well as a Porsche Cayenne car and an Opel Corsa.

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