Diagnostic dogs being trained to find prostate cancer

Canines' reactions will be used to create artificial nose

Diagnostic dogs being trained to find prostate cancer

(ANSA) - Genoa, September 20 - A study proposing a new method using dogs for diagnosing prostate cancer in men was presented on Thursday at the 19th National Urology Congress in Genoa, Italy. The project, led by Gianluigi Taverna from the Humanitas Clinical Institute, in collaboration with Lieutenant Colonel Lorenzo Tidu from the Italian military veterinary center uses the heightened olfactory abilities of trained police canines to identify cancer cells in urine. Scientists and veterinarians are training two dogs, a German shepherd and a Belgian shepherd, to recognize and identify the molecule present in cancerous cells. From the animals' reactions, scientists will subsequently be able to create an artificial nose that can be used in the laboratory.

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