Veterinarian creates prosthetic beak

Two geese get second chance with copper device

Veterinarian creates prosthetic beak

(ANSA) - Florence, September 19 - Ottorino and Esmeralda are two lucky geese who may not have a golden egg, but now have copper beaks. The splendid Canadian pet geese with damaged beaks risked certain death by starvation before veterinarian Alberto Briganti created prosthetic beaks enabling the birds to eat. Briganti, who has practices in Figline Valdarno near Florence and another in the town of Spoleto, has patented his invention 'Copperbeak' and created a foundation to assist wild animals in difficulty. "It is truly a beautiful tale fit for childrens' stories. We have already been in contact with editors and even Walt Disney who we hope will produce the true tale," said Briganti. If the story is published, Briganti says that the funds will go to his animal recovery program that has already helped numerous animals in need, including a Cesarean procedure for an eagle that was unable to birth her egg.

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