Two Milan police officers to trial for beating 63-year-old

Off-duty cops accused of 'smashing face' of 'drunk' man

Two Milan police officers to trial for beating 63-year-old

(ANSA) – Milan, September 12 – Two 24-year-old police officers in Milan must face trial for beating up a 63-year-old man while they were off-duty last May. Milan court judge Alessandra Clemente accepted the prosecutor's request for "immediate judgment", and the two accused police officers – currently in jail - have requested an accelerated trial, ANSA learned Wednesday. In Italy, an accelerated trial results in an automatic reduction of the sentence by one third if the defendant is found guilty. The two police officers, Federico Spallino and Davide Sunseri, were arrested in June accused of smashing the face of the 63-year-old, as well as lying, slandering and falsifying documents for filing a claim that the victim had put up resistance to a public official. The victim, Luigi Vittorino Morneghini, was "a little harassing" and "drunk", according a reconstruction of the event, which was caught on videotape by a security camera. The beating took place in the Navigli neighborhood – known for its nightlife – at about 3am on May 21. Judge Clemente wrote in her order "the videocamera does not lie" and shows "inexplicable, inhuman violence". The judge wrote that the defendants reacted with a mix of violence, "arrogance and cockiness" that makes them a ‘public danger’. After assaulting Morneghini, the judge wrote, the two officers – who were off-duty at the time of the attack - filed a complaint against the elderly man, claiming the victim had attacked them first and then fell on his face. A doctor's report described Morneghini's face as 'smashed' with 40 fractures. The trial will begin in October.

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