Tests confirm Bologna skeletons medieval, not from WWII

Not those of former soldiers, tests say

Tests confirm Bologna skeletons medieval, not from WWII

(ANSA) - Bologna, September 12 - Tests using carbon dating have proven that skeletons discovered in a community near Bologna date from the Middle Ages rather than World War Two. It had been thought the skeletons, discovered in 1962, might have belonged to a group of people killed at the very end of the Second World War in the infamous Corriera incident when a bus of former soldiers disappeared after leaving Brescia. However, carbon-14 dating has shown the remains, discovered in the town of San Giovanni in Persiceto, in Bologna province, are much older than those who perished in the 20th century. Instead, the skeletons date from a period between 890 AD and 1160, according to researchers from the University of Bologna and the Environmental Archaeological Museum of Persiceto. They opened 32 boxes of remains in April and sent samples to the Center for Dating and Diagnostics at the University of Salento.

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