Costa Concordia 1,000-page report delivered

Next hearing Oct 15

Costa Concordia 1,000-page report delivered

(ANSA) - Grosseto, September 11 - The expert panel's report on the cruise ship wreck that took 32 lives last January was delivered Tuesday to investigating magistrate Valeria Montesarchio. It's expected that the 1,000-page report, which includes seven DVDs, will be copied for other parties involved in the next hearing in the investigation into the wreck, which is slated to begin on Oct. 15. Captain Francesco Schettino is being investigated on charges of manslaughter, abandoning ship, and failing to communicate with maritime authorities in the crash. The expert panel, led by Admiral Giuseppe Cavodragone, has been looking into elements of what caused the cruise ship carrying 4,229 people to crash on the island of Giglio on Jan. 13, killing 32, including a five-year-old girl. It's believed the cruise liner hit a rock while sailing close to Giglio off the Tuscan coast to 'salute' local residents. The experts responded to 50 points raised by the investigating judge, including everything from the ship's route to nautical charts, the design of the ship, and its movements before and after the crash. The experts have also listened to recordings of conversations on bridge of the Concordia the night of the crash. Meanwhile, preliminary work is underway to remove the Concordia cruise liner from Giglio island. Workers are attempting to anchor the wreck with cables so that it can be carefully turned upright and then re-floated away from the island. The salvage companies that will re-float the Concordia and tug it away have said they expect the island should be free of the wreck by next spring.

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