Much of Italy remains on extreme weather alert

Disruption continues, passer-by hurt as tree falls in Rome

Much of Italy remains on extreme weather alert

Rome, November 7 - Much of Italy remained on maximum weather alert on Friday as the wave of storms and torrential rain that has caused huge disruption and floods in many areas continued. Schools in Rome reopened as the level of alert there was lowered from red to orange, but students in other parts of the country, including the city of Frosinone near the capital and Catania in Sicily, had the day off as a precaution with storms forecast to arrive. Disruption also continued in Rome, despite the lowering of the alert, with floods causing one metro station to close on Friday, after four were temporarily shut on Thursday, and a woman passer-by was hurt when a tree fell amid torrential rain. The bad weather also contributed to major traffic congestion in the city, although the mayhem that had been feared due to "water bombs" of torrential rain did not materialise. This led to major controversy as to whether the authorities' decision to close Rome's schools and monuments on Thursday was excessive. That said, firefighters in the city had to carry out around 150 operations addressing emergencies linked to the weather overnight. The bad weather system, which hit northern Italy first this week, causing massive damage and flooding in the Tuscan city of Carrara, has extended southwards. Strong winds and rain lashed Calabria and Puglia, while sea connections between Naples and the islands of Capri were suspended.

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