European deadline looms for Italy on Campania garbage crisis

Landfill location could raise problems

European deadline looms for Italy on Campania garbage crisis

(ANSA) - Brussels, September 5 - Just 10 days remain before a September 15 deadline, when Italy must submit answers to the European Union for its still festering garbage disposal problems in the southern Italian region of Campania, EU Environment Commission spokesperson Joseph Hennon told ANSA on Wednesday. Hennon said Italy presented a plan on June 22, as agreed last February in Brussels, regarding the transitory period from 2012 to 2016. "The evaluation of the text shows that despite considerable progress made, the programme does not contain sufficient information on all the planned infrastructure projects. In particular, the location of the new landfills," said Hennon. For this reason, Hennon added, "Last July 24, the directorate-general for the environment at the European Commission sent a letter to Italian authorities asking them to furnish the missing information, also for the more important projects on the schedule. The deadline is next September 15." In January, the European Court of Human Rights condemned Italy for the long-running trash crisis in the Campania region. The court upheld an appeal from a couple in Somma Vesuviana near Naples, saying their right to safeguard their family had been breached since rubbish heaps first began to appear around their home in 1994. Also in January, the Italian government approved a measure to ship rubbish from the Campania region surrounding Naples to plants in other regions to ease the area's ongoing waste crisis. Under the agreement the trash could be transported from the region's garbage treatment plants to others elsewhere until December 31, 2012.

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