Sulcis miners begin work again after week-long strike

Meetings to decide plans for coal company activities on Friday

Sulcis miners begin work again after week-long strike

(ANSA) - Rome, September 4 - Workers in the Nuraxi Figus mine in Sardinia began work again on Tuesday after agreeing to end a week-long strike in anticipation of government and company meetings slated for Friday. The coalmine is at the centre of a high-profile industrial dispute in which workers are asking the government to go ahead with plans for clean-coal technology and CO2 storage that they say would give them greater employment security. Miners working for the Carbonia-Iglesis coal company who barricaded themselves underground for eight days in front of a storage room holding 690 kilograms of explosives and 1,221 detonators said in a press conference last Wednesday that they were "desperate" and willing to take "extreme measures". On Tuesday a delegation of miners led by union representatives Sandro Mereu and Massimiliano Esposito participated in the commemoration of the Buggerru miners who organized the first miners' trade union protest in Italy in 1904. "It is our duty to participate in this day to commemorate the sacrifices made by those miners and their important contribution to the trade union struggles and the defense of workers' rights," Mereu told the press.

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