Vatican City

Pope wants to clean Vatican, says accused Vatileaks butler

Pontiff faces 'difficulty' but seeks to improve transparency

Pope wants to clean Vatican, says accused Vatileaks butler

(ANSA) - Vatican City, September 3 - Pope Benedict XVI is facing difficulties cleaning up affairs in the Vatican, says the man accused of stealing secret papal documents to leak to the press. In an interview with television channel LA7 to be broadcast Monday night, former butler Paolo Gabriele says that neither he nor the pope are alone in wanting Vatican City improved. "The Pope wants to clean up, but is having difficulties," Gabriele, who has been charged with aggravated theft, said. There are at least 20 people "who, like me, want to contribute to transparency," said Gabriele. The Vatican has denied suggestions that a further 20 people are under investigation in the case known as Vatileaks. An initial probe has already led to the indictment of Gabriele and of IT expert Claudio Sciarpelletti for aiding and abetting. The second phase of investigations has still not been formally opened but sources have said that at least 20 more people are suspected of having played a role in leaking the confidential papers, which included letters to the Pope and Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone from the Holy See's ambassador in Washington, Carlo Maria Vigano, who was deputy governor of the Vatican City at the time they were written. The letters contained allegations of corruption in the management of the Vatican City. Parts of the Gabriele interview have already been aired on the television station, which didn't disclose his identity at the time. Gabriele said a breach has widened in the Vatican between reformers and those who favour the status quo, creating an atmosphere where people may be afraid to speak out. "Ours is a state (Vatican City) where you can get in, kill and leave undisturbed, and after 24 hours no one can say what happened," said Gabriele.

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