Man arrested after shots fired at Montalbano TV set

Suspect accused of making 'aggravated threats'

Man arrested after shots fired at Montalbano TV set

(ANSA) - Catania, September 3 - It sounds like a case for Inspector Montalbano. But in reality, police have arrested a 30-year-old man and seized a Kalashnikov and ammunition after investigating shots fired at the set of the popular TV series filmed in Sicily about the character's exploits. After months of investigation, police in Ragusa used hidden cameras to track down a person accused of shooting at the set of the Rai TV series, "Il Commissario Montalbano". The TV program is drawn from the popular series of detective novels written by Sicilian author Andrea Camilleri. The accused faces charges of possessing weapons and making aggravated threats after police found a Kalashnikov. Investigators believe that gambling and online betting may be part of the motive for the attacks.

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