Nuraxi Figus Mine

Striking miners pulled out from Sardinian coal mine bottom

Protesting workers vowed 'extreme measures'

Striking miners pulled out from Sardinian coal mine bottom

(ANSA) - Nuraxi Figus Mine, August 30 - Two miners were pulled out on stretchers from the bottom of a mine on the Italian island of Sardinia Thursday. The striking miners had lowered themselves to the bottom of the mine - an area 400 meters below ground - to call attention to their protest. The area is 27 meters below a space occupied for the last four nights by miners striking at the Nuraxi Figus mine, which is managed by the region's publicly owned mining company Carbosulcis. The two men who descended to the very bottom risked physical collapse due to poor conditions there. At 400 meters below ground, the heat is 36C, humidity is 90% and the terrain is slimy, smelly and muddy. Striking miners on the Italian island of Sardinia had said on Wednesday that they were "desperate" and willing to take "extreme measures". The workers for Carbosulcis coal company are asking the government to go ahead with plans for clean-coal technology and CO2 storage, hoping in this way to also build future job security. The miners began their strike Sunday evening 375 meters underground in the Nuraxi Figus and Gonnesa mines located in the Sulcis coal basin in the southwestern area of the island.

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