China, premier Wen worries for EU, Italian economies

Concern over Greece leaving eurozone

China, premier Wen worries for EU, Italian economies

(ANSA) - Beijing, August 30 - Chinese premier Wen Jiabao said Thursday that he is "worried" about the fate of European economies, especially Italy, Spain and Greece. "The European debt crisis has continued to deteriorate, causing serious concerns in the international community," Wen said following a meeting in Beijing with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "Frankly, I am worried," he told a press conference. Troubled countries including Greece, Spain and Italy must implement reforms that will help them to better cope with the debt crisis, he said. "The main worries are two-fold, the first is whether Greece will leave the eurozone," Wen said. "The second is whether Italy and Spain will take comprehensive rescue measures. "Resolving these two problems rests with whether Greece, Spain, Italy, and other countries have the determination for reform". The European Union is China's second-largest export market while the United States is its largest partner.

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