A solution can be found for mines, says industry ministry

Workers continue their underground strike

A solution can be found for mines, says industry ministry

(ANSA) - Rome, August 30 - The Italian government believes it can "find a solution" for the fate of the Carbosulcis mines being occupied on the Italian island of Sardinia, Industry Undersecretary Claudio De Vincenti said on Thursday. Miners began a strike Sunday evening 375 meters underground in the Nuraxi Figus and Gonnesa mines located in the Sulcis coal basin in the southwestern area of the island. Employees of the Carbosulcis coal company are urging the government to go ahead with plans for clean-coal technology and CO2 storage to ensure that they keep their jobs and the mines remain operative. On Wednesday the workers said that they were "desperate" and willing to take "extreme measures" at a press conference held in front of a storage room holding 690 kilograms of explosives and 1,221 detonators. Union spokesman Stefano Meletti slashed one of his wrists and shouted "is this what we have to do, cut ourselves?" in a dramatic move during a press conference on Wednesday. Meletti, whose wound was superficial, was hospitalized and later released the same day. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano has expressed his support for the miners.

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