Super spaghetti 'could prevent cancer'

Italy-Australia research project kicks off

Super spaghetti 'could prevent cancer'

(ANSA) - Rome, August 29 - Italian and Australian researchers have begun a project to create a type of 'super spaghetti' which may prevent certain cancers and lower the risk of heart disease. The project was announced Wednesday by the Arc Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls in Adelaide, who are partnering the University of Bari and the University of Molise in the research. "The term 'superspaghetti' refers to a mixture that contains a number of potential benefits for the consumer, from reducing the risk of heart disease, to protection from colon cancer", said project coordinator Rachel Burton. The project is divided into different lines of research. Experts from the University of Molise will investigate how to increase the presence of some bioactive substances, in particular the reduction of cholesterol and the glycemic index, while Bari University will focus on how to change the fiber content of the plant. "Pasta is already a good food from a health point of view, but we want to improve it while maintaining its excellent taste,' explained Emanuele Marconi, Professor of Food Science and Technology at the University of Molise.

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